2010_08_31_investing_report_blog_pictureIn this week's investing report, you'll discover the secrets to long distance deals and how you can make a fortune on properties that are NOT in your own backyard. The majority of investors we speak to across this country do not need to look any further for an investing opportunity than their own sphere of influence. It seems like everyone has a friend, co-worker or acquiantance right now who is upside down in their property and needs to get out prior to foreclosure. Oftentimes, these people live in other parts of the country and therefore, require the investor to do a long distance deal.

At this past weekend's live training in South Florida, "Long Distance Deals" was the most popular topic. Everyone wanted to know how they could do it. the question was:

"How do you do long distance deals?"

Here's the answer:

Consequently, at the end of the training, on Sunday afternoon, two of our attendees signed up a deal because a hotel employee needed to get rid of an investment property that was upside down. Here's their story in their own words: