where-money-foreclosuresWith most markets flooded with foreclosures, many investors have tried very hard to cash in on bank owned properties and REOs, only to come up empty handed. As you'll discover on this week's investing report, there's money to be made in foreclosures but you have to be looking in the right places. You'll learn where to find the great foreclosures deals in this current ocean of not-so-good bank owned REO deals.

It is pretty windy in the background on this video so below is an audio-only Investing Report:


Also, I came across a FABULOUS article on the amount of Shadow Inventory on the horizon for our residential real estate market. This author has done an outstanding job of compiling the most accurate data available to create a very real picture of what's happening out there and where things are going. Take the time to read this exceptional piece: Fabulous Article on Shadow Inventory