Phil PustejovskyPhil Pustejovsky Bio - Phil is a real estate mentor, investor and best selling author. His passion and mission is to provide the most complete, accurate, unbiased and hype-free information, the latest tools and strategies and with the best mentoring services available in real estate investing so that absolutely anyone could become financially free through the power of creative real estate investing. Phil Pustejovsky's track record speaks for itself. The people who have learned from him have achieved remarkable results. Reading the reviews of Freedom Mentor customers is extremely inspiring

Watching Phil Pustejovsky's YouTube videos or reading his Blog for any length of time will show to you that his knowledge on the subject of creative real estate investing is unsurpassed. Through these mediums, he is able share with a large audience the foundational lessons that produce extraordinarty results as well as the major changes affecting the industry while providing a place for others comment and interact with him. You'll find that the comments visitors leave a incredibly positive and inspiring.

Here are a few samples of the types of comments Phil Pustejovsky Bio recieves from the blog posts he adds each week:

Your blog keeps being one of the most informative and balance reading I can find. Well done and don't stop!!!!!!! -- Tom Fitzgerald

Phil, I must say, you are a GREAT writer, I love the way you write, easy to digest and absorb, yet intelligently composed. So kudos to You, from a gifted writer - myself. KEEP IT COMIN -- Trisha

Thanks, Phil, for a great article - on so many levels! -- Sandi Peery

You've got some pretty great videos out there on youtube. -- Jerry Woodlock

Hi Phil Pustejovsky, I've recently subscribed to your channel on You Tube and really enjoy the excitement and good energy you give off. I have watched several of videos on real estate investing and I have to say, none are as bold and enthusiastic as yours. I love the fact that you are so passionate about your work, the energy is contagious and I'm fired up! -- Ropheal Parker

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